[ref dict="Universal (Ch-Ru)"]悲惨[/ref]

Chinese phonetic list . 2014.

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  • 悲惨 — bēicǎn [miserable; tragic] 悲伤凄惨 悲惨伤人情 悲惨的情景 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 钡餐 — bèicān [barium meal] 硫酸钡溶液, 供患者吞服后进行荧光镜或X射线诊断 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • On Songhua River — (Chinese: 松花江上, Chinese: 松花江上, Chinese: sōng huā jiāng shàng) is a patriotic song from the Second Sino Japanese War, which is called the War of Resistance in both the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the People s Republic of China. Contents 1… …   Wikipedia

  • bacon — BÁCON s.n. (Rar) Carne sau costiţă de porc dezosată, sărată şi afumată (tăiată în felii subţiri). [pr.: béicăn] – cuv. engl. Trimis de paula, 04.05.2005. Sursa: DEX 98  BACÓN s. v. tutun turcesc. Trimis de siveco, 05.08.2004. Sursa: Sinonime … …   Dicționar Român

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